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Catholic Feminism: the Most Dangerous Ideology in the World

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*Disclaimer: Grace, John, and Patrick do not necessary agree with absolutely everything discussed in this article, or tweeted by Timothy Gordon, etc etc. We do, however, believe that what 99.9% of feminists believe is problematic and contradictory to the Catholic Church’s teachings on love, marriage, and the natural law.*

Timothy and Dave Gordon’s soon-to-be-released book No Christian Feminism discusses an incredibly controversial topic: can an individual be Christian and still claim to be a feminist? Are there different severities of feminism and can somebody believe some of them without subscribing to the entire ideology?

After watching popular chats with Matt Fradd and Trent Horn, Patrick and John decided to interview Mr. Gordon to definitively answer the question: can a faithful Catholic believe feministic ideas?

Problematic Beginnings of Feminism

Armed with the natural law and the supernatural law of the Catholic Magisterium, Timothy Gordon’s book declares that there is no such thing as Christian feminism.

The feminist movement of today began with first-wave feminism and an 1848 document signed by about 100 women and men: The Declaration of Sentiments.

At a meeting in upstate New York, the Seneca Falls Convention, a large group of women (including Elizabeth Cady Stanton) got together and codified their inflammatory document—utilizing Revolution-Era ideologies mimicking the language of the US Declaration of Independence.

The foundational grievances of feminism found in this declaration were not, as Timothy Gordon points out, “innocuous good things,” as many modern feminists profess, but ideas objectively opposed to Catholic teachings such as getting women into the priesthood and mocking men for their inclination toward sexual concupiscence.

The main theme and most clearly successful aspect of this document is simple: get women out of the home. [1]

Can a Christian dedicated to the Truth pick and choose aspects of a movement that they like, yet still call themselves a member of that group? The Truth found in the Catholic faith as established by Jesus Christ is the only source of goodness in this fallen world.

If a Catholic must explain the flavor of feminist they identify with to separate them from the most common definition of feminism—women who claim to want equality with men but, in reality, yearn for a male role in society [1]—there is a lot of room for scandal and misunderstandings on essential Truths of the faith: abortion, sexuality, and marital hierarchy to name a few.

Why call oneself a ‘pro-life feminist’ when one could simply support the Catholic Truth: women are equal in dignity to men, yet differ in physicality and responsibility.

From the problematic beginning of feminism in 1848, feminists have denied critical aspects of the faith—the structure of the family and the Church.


“If there’s no first-wave feminism that’s good, and there’s no second, third, or fourth that’s good, by my count, that’s no Christian feminism. — Timothy Gordon

Oppressive Fence or Wisdom?

A glance at the daily news makes the dire situation the world is facing pretty clear: men and women have no idea who they are anymore. When women throughout history have contemplated why they are not called to the priesthood or are designed more for the care of children than laboring in the field, they approach G.K. Chesterton’s metaphorical fence:

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”

When these women were questioning their place in the home, society, the Church, and the workplace, they decided that the practices of all human history that came before them (that pesky fence) were backward and oppressive.

The women of first-wave feminism (and feminists to the present) ignore the wisdom of the past (that the two sexes were created to employ specific roles) and instead choose to forge their own ‘progressive’ path.

Catholics are called weekly to attend a celebration of the past being made present in the Eucharist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. When we go, we ponder the prophets, the Church fathers, the Apostles, and the saints and have faith that the wisdom from the past is not only relevant to us now, but a compilation and fuller understanding of the Truth by which we must abide—the Logos, Jesus Christ.

Gordon puts it simply: “The idea that men can be women and women can be men functionally—I just call this feminism, the original transgender—is not a millimeter of my screen.” The feminist movement and the corrupt sexual hierarchy that followed only began a century and a half ago—historically speaking, a trivial amount of time.

There can be no Catholic feminism because Catholics are called to stay true to the foundations of the faith: Jesus Christ and the whole of the Magesterium.

What about…#WORK?

Schuyler sisters from Hamilton

Schuyler sisters from _Hamilton_ (not a musical to take your cue on moral ideologies from, but a catchy one)

As was the reality of the women depicted in Hamilton the Musical, women have historically accepted the life path of receiving an education (how long and how quality it would be was based on their family’s social standing) and then found a husband to go to work to support them and their children (or become a religious sister!).

Ever-increasingly in modernizing society, however, women push to leave the home and create two-income households.

With that in mind, it is interesting to note that since the 1970s, women’s “relative well-being” has declined according to Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers’ study, The Paradox of Female Unhappiness. [2]

As per the first-wave feminist specifications, women have become a large part of the workforce in many Western civilizations. Since women started leaving the home and working corporate, soul-sucking jobs (not from necessity, as in wartime) they have become more unhappy.

Timothy Gordon points out an obvious, yet crucial tidbit:

“Works sucks […] It’s the curse of Adam.”

Women Taking on the Curse of Adam

A curse. This phrase is the exact opposite of what high school counselors, many parents, and secular society want people to believe about going to work. But in reality, after the Fall of man, God separately punishes the serpent, Eve, and Adam:

16 To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over thee.

17 And to Adam he said: Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat, cursed is the earth in thy work; with labour and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the days of thy life. 18 Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herbs of the earth.

19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return. [3]

The original sin of Adam was a prideful corruption of mankind’s God-given hierarchy—where was he when Eve ate the apple? He should have been protecting his helpmate [4].

Adam was punished for his decision with the pain and toil that he must endure when working. Eve’s punishment is her pain and toil in childbirth.

Now, why is it that feminists talk about work like they’re going to Disneyland every day from 9 to 5? It’s because the push for women leaving the home did not start solely as a genuine desire for the thriving of themselves and their families.

It was the beginning of a track to power—again, corrupting the natural order God instilled in humanity and repeating the original sin of pride.

Consider the difficulties of women balancing work and familial responsibilities: being pregnant while at a 9 to 5, daycares/schools raising children, and short maternity leave (employers in the US are only required to give 12 weeks of unpaid leave [5]).

The pain mothers feel when they leave their child to go back to work is unnecessary and leaves the schooling system or local daycare the responsibility of forming children—now requiring secular morality and corrupt ideologies [6].

According to Gordon, there can be no Catholic feminism because this inefficient and unnatural cycle directly contributes to the declining overall happiness of women worldwide.

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*Note: I think there is certainly something to be said about women volunteering / working part-time outside of the home. It is definitely not a sin to do so. I work part-time virtually. In fact, all men and women are called to be charitable with their time and energy.

The key question in this “should women work” debacle is: is your work / volunteering / hobby hurting or depriving your children or your spouse of their mother or wife? Remember, there is a difference between a secular daycare and letting your children’s grandparents or another loving caretaker care for them. The Catholic Church leaves it up to every Catholic couple to discern where God is calling them to give their time. BUT they must make sure they are prioritizing the promises made in their marital vows: put God first, spouse second, children third, then whatever else the Lord calls you to do.

How to Argue it: No Catholic Feminism

Now that we have discussed why there cannot be Catholic feminism, here are Timothy Gordon’s tips for how to debunk Christian Feminism:

Step 1

Establish that “you define a thing by its essential properties.” There are also accidental properties associated with most things.

Take a school bus, for example:

  • Essential properties—motor vehicle that is large enough to transport children to school.
  • Accidental properties: usually seats 72, is yellow.

Blue School Bus

Step 2

Ask, what are the essential properties of feminism? What aspects have been there all along throughout the waves of feminism (final and formal cause)?

Here is Timothy Gordon’s clarifying answer:

The goal and essence of feminism is the overthrow of Christian patriarchy. “Christian patriarchy is a redundancy.” Feminism wants to subvert the “Christological order of the priesthood and the male priesthood of the household.”

The vocations Christian men can choose from—the priesthood or marriage— are both leadership roles. “Christ directs the Church his bride. The female is like the bride, men are like Christ to the bride. No Christian feminism.” [7]

Any of the ‘goods’ (accidental properties) appearing to come from feminism were actually present long before 1848 in the Catholic faith. For example, many feminists believe that their movement allowed (for the first time) women the right to choose who they want to marry.

Feminists vaguely cite the unjust dowries and forced marriages of the past as examples of patriarchal domination corrected by feminism.

Incidentally, their argument is easily disarmed as the Catholic Church has always given women the right to say no to marriage. The Council of Trent in 1566 declared in the Catechism if either party in a union is forced to marry (legally), the Sacrament of Matrimony is not conferred on the couple and the marriage is not recognized by God and the Church. St Paul said it even before that! [8]

There are more bad than good essential properties of feminism. (Suffrage, for example, was among the essential properties of first-wave feminism, but there are several more that had less noble intentions.) If something is not good, it is not of God.

Step 3

Finally, a clear example of the evils brought about by feminism is the “false christening of fornication, [and] a deification of the destruct of the family.”

Consider the terrible consequences of feminist sexual ‘liberation:’ increasing sexual violence, assault, workplace harassment, diminishing modesty standards, and the porn industry (to name a few).

This evil is the direct result of a society in which men are not protecting their women because women are militantly opposed to protection.

Women want to be able to sleep with whomever they wish, and not get pregnant—just like men can. Contraceptive pills for women are commonly prescribed to women when they reach the age of sexual maturity just in case.

Ironically, the ‘sexual liberation’ of birth ‘control’ pills has actually succeeded in achieving the opposite for women: causing men to take advantage of women and to expect that they pump hormones into their body at unnatural times of the month for years on end because men do not want to utilize less pleasurable means of contraception.

Catholics cannot support an ideology that directly encourages these corrupt ‘rights.’ There is no Catholic feminism.

How to Fight the Brainwashing of Catholic Feminism

It’s simple. Obviously, you cannot utilize or engage in any of the tools of feminism including contraception, abortion, sex outside of marriage etc. To avoid the snares of feminism in society, Timothy Gordon also advises that Catholics should marry young.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find somebody you’re attracted to.
  2. Court them (one-on-one dates, romance, chastity).
  3. Make sure they are serious about the faith, and willing to accept their God-given role. Make sure they are not pretending to be committed to the faith, this will become clear over time. (There are exceptions to this rule, but if a woman expects her children to be Catholic, it is crucial that her husband is too [9])
  4. Don’t date for a million years. Commit to the Sacrament of Marriage after getting to know them well. Dating for too long can ruin the drive for marriage and leads to unchastity (it is incredibly hard to wait for years when you truly love somebody).
  5. Remember: There is no such thing as a soul mate. Poverty is good, destitution is bad. Trust God! Women, find a man who will sacrificially lead. Men, find a woman who will graciously follow. Try out the FOCCUS assessment. Utilize the engagement period as a time to discern more.
  6. Don’t be afraid to get married during college. It’s economical.
  7. Remember: once married, there are graces associated with the Sacrament of Marriage! Being married not only gives you somebody you love to traipse through life with but also extra graces from God.
  8. Make a decision. Don’t get stuck in discernment for years and years.

Sometimes it seems like there’s so much ‘discernment’ going on, that nobody makes decisions anymore!

Don’t Buy into Feminism

In a correspondence that “the principal visionary of Our Lady at Fatima,” Sister Lucia, had with Cardinal Carlo Caffara of Bologna, she warned: “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid […] because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue.” [10]

Catholics cannot succumb to secular movements because our faith and eternal hope transcend time. Feminism is based on the idea that happiness and pleasure is the goal of life. When men and women no longer acknowledge the sanctity of marriage, the family breaks down.

There is no Catholic feminism because it opposes (obviously or covertly) everything that the Church guided by Jesus Christ believes.

Civil divorces, unbaptized children, and a culture that worships political correctness and suppressing morality are all plagues that share a common root—the breakdown of the family: an essential property of feminism. Let me say it again, there is no such thing as Catholic feminism!

Action Item!

Don’t buy into feminism. Accept the role for which God made you! If you are dating somebody but couldn’t see yourself marrying that person, seriously consider breaking up with them. There’s no need to grow in interdependence and love with another person unless you are care to be joined with that person for the rest of your lives.

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