Contraception, Sacraments, and Hell

There are millions of people who have no idea what Catholics actually believe. But that’s okay because we’re going to talk about them and you’re welcome to ask your own questions as well! From The Virgin Mary to the Eucharist, we’re going to cover some of the more common and not-so-common issues people have with the Catholic Church.

What we cover tonight:

  1. The Rosary
  2. Contraception
  3. 34 Kids
  4. The mass is boring
  5. The bible isn’t everything
  6. Faith alone
  7. Will mortal sin send me to hell
  8. Confession
  9. Sacraments
  10. Celibacy
  11. Sex scandals
  12. Everyone is saved through the Catholic church


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😝 Part 2 - The Top 24 Problems People Have with Catholics

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