You deserve better

What makes girls date loser guys that aren’t good for anything? Have you found yourself in one of those scenarios? Tonight we’re helping you audit your boyfriend to see if he makes the cut. WE ARE NOT SHOWING YOU HOW TO FIX HIM. You deserve better. Don’t forget it.

Why do girls end up with bad guys?

  • It starts off with settling. Girls know it.
  • Any attention is better than no attention
  • You think you don’t deserve better, but you do deserve better.
  • There aren’t that many options with Catholic men.

How to tell if you’re with a bad dude

  • He puts himself before you
  • He’s effeminate
  • He puts himself before God.
  • He uses you for your body.
  • He manipulates you with the words.
  • He’s not trying to get better.

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