How women can protect themselves from socialism

Since we’ve already established that men and women are different, it would follow that we might have some differences in political leanings. Right now, 70% of millennial women have liberal leanings, contrasted against 50% of millennial men. Why is that? It’s because women are willing to give up freedom in exchange for comfort and safety.

Liberalism leads to government control which leads to socialism. It is in socialism that men and women are no different. They are slaves to the state and slaves to their passions.

So how can you as a woman protect yourself from the left-wing propaganda?

  • Learn how to use your reason and not act emotionally.
  • Volunteer at hospitals
  • Spend times with kids
  • Build community in your church or town
  • The Church is a the foundation of what is True.
  • Find a Virtuous man to lead you.
  • Realize your inclination to protect yourself.

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βš”οΈ Socialism Destroys Women

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