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Just like porn, there is a stigma around masturbation, especially for young Catholics. We might know masturbation is wrong, but sometimes we get so trapped in sins that it’s hard for us to get out of them.

The Catholic Church’s teaching on masturbation is that it’s wrong and that it is a grave offense God and our own humanityβ€”but what does that actually mean? Well you’re about to find out on another episode of Catholic Late Night.

We cover:

  • The physical side effects of masturbation
  • Isn’t masturbation supposed to be healthy?
  • Why is masturbation a sin?

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⚑️ Action Item ⚑️
Pray the rosary and work out for a half hour for every time you fall into impurity.

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πŸ™ˆ Masturbation is NOT healthy: Everything you DON’T KNOW
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